Discernment & Consensus documents to download here

"Communal Discernment: Knowing God Together" by Rebekah Eklund.  Pages: 17. Although written for youth leaders, I found her suggested questions very helpful.  

"Communal Discernment Leader's Guide" by Portico Benefit Services.  Pages: 7  

"Consensus Handbook" by Seeds for  Change. Pages:  228 

"Guidelines for Communal Discernment" by Victoria G. CurtissPages:  24 

"Critique of 'Guidelines for Communal Discernment'" (above) by blogger Viola Larson Pages: 6

"Communal Discernment and Large Assemblies" adapted from Rev. Curtiss' "Guidelines."  Pages: 2


"Consensus-based processes in the church" model used by Norway Annual Conference in June 2019 by Rev. Knut Refsdal.  Pages: 2