Proposed Plans from GC 2019

In 2016, the General Conference created a Commission for a Way Forward to produce some plans to bring to a Special General Conference in 2019.  The Report of the Commission for a Way Forward presented three plans, the One Church Plan, the Traditional Plan and the Connectional-Conference Plan.  The report, including the three plans can be found here:

In addition, the Queer Clergy Caucus offered the Simple Plan, see  

Charts comparing the 4 plans:

(2019 vote results from

Regarding the most anticipated outcomes: 1) the Traditional Plan was approved (461 / 56.2% to 359 /43.8%) 2) ) The One Church Plan was rejected (386 votes / 46.96% for and 436 votes / 53.04% against; 3) The Simple Plan was rejected 323 votes / 29.53% for and 494 votes / 60.47% against. 

             Language that is offensive to the LGBTQIA and their friends was retained in the Book of Disciple and non-negotiable penalties were mandated for "self-avowed" homosexual clergy and clergy who celebrate same-sex marriages.