Discernment Session 2

Discernment Session 2 - Chebeague UMC, Sunday December 1st


Greeting/Opening prayer


Review handout from last time:  “Courage’s Role in Discernment”


Denominations - Lola


Distribute copies of the Denominations chart and point out a few of the features.


Then ask people to share their heritage and one thing they value from that heritage. 




Methodist History – Lola and Gloria


Presentation from www.thearda.com/timeline/tlDenom20.asp


List of slides used in the presentation


Questions and Discussion during the presentation


Go into silence to allow time to process all this information - take time to reflect and note your own thoughts and emotional reactions to the material - to sift what seems to be bubbling to the surface for you in the midst of this first session...what might be of God...and what might be your own leanings.




Talk about themes and how history will be a foundation for how we move forward.

Comments, question, concerns

Distribute and introduce handout:  Grace and Wesleyan Quadrilateral


Closing Benediction - Melissa


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