Discernment Session 3

Discernment Session 3 - Chebeague UMC, Sunday December 29th

To send out ahead of time:







Ask - are there any questions about the handouts we sent? About the Grace of God handout from the end of session 2?  printable:  Grace of God  


Social Principles  




Watch Women Pastor Video                   vimeo.com/335862568



Discuss - what did you hear that struck you?


Watch LGBT Pastor Video            https://tinyurl.com/utteb32



Discuss - what did you hear that struck you?


Discuss Intersectionality

  • Definition hand out      printable:  Intersectionality Definiation

  • Graphics -- color in where you are?  printable:  priviledge wheel:  click on image:  

  • In intersectional theology, we prioritize the voices and experiences of marginalized groups because we need to hear them and their experiences as they give a bigger and more clear picture of who God is and who we are.
    printable:  intersectionality:  click on image:










Jay William’s Sermon               https://vimeo.com/344600799  specifically minutes 30:23 through 39:42


click on image to

start the 9 minute






Talk about January 11th Discerners’ Gathering – poster/handout  printable:  poster


Preparing to write our theological statement


From RS-211 criterion 2:

"The church/ministry setting shall also develop a statement articulating their theological and missional foundations in seeking disaffiliation for reasons of conscience 'related to human sexuality'.”



  • Our Final Authority: the Bible or Jesus? By Brad Jersak


printable:  Our Authority

  • Worksheet to prepare for theological statement   printable:  worksheet 


Closing prayer

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