Discernment Session 5 - Chebeague UMC, Sunday February 23rd

Preparing to draft our theological statement:


Handout ahead of time:


Have onhand:

  • Dream Church handout (results from Session 4)

  • Post-its

  • Poster-it paper large sheets to post on the wall.  Each sheet to have one of the items from the Theological Worksheet.


Other Materials

  • Theological resources (from Book of Discipline, others, etc.)

    • Handouts from prior session

  • Social Principles (2020) in binder


Outline for Session 5


Devotional - Lola




Theological Task from Resolution RS-19-211

  • Review this -- why is it important we do this? (As church? As individuals?)

From the BOD (2016) p. 65:


   The Constitution of The United Methodist Church, in its
Restrictive Rules (see ¶¶ 17-22), protects both the Articles of Religion
and the Confession of Faith as doctrinal standards that shall
not be revoked, altered, or changed. The process of creating new
“standards or rules of doctrine” thus continues to be restricted,
requiring either that they be declared “not contrary to” the present
standards or that they go through the difficult process of constitutional

   The United Methodist Church stands continually in need of
doctrinal reinvigoration for the sake of authentic renewal, fruitful
evangelism, and ecumenical dialogue. In this light, the recovery
and updating of our distinctive doctrinal heritage—catholic,
evangelical, and reformed—is essential.
   This task calls for the repossession of our traditions as well as
the promotion of theological inquiry both within the denomination
and in our ecumenical efforts. All are invited to share in this
endeavor to stimulate an active interest in doctrinal understanding
in order to claim our legacy and to shape that legacy for the
Church we aspire to be.


Activity:  Invite people to write on individual post-it notes the things they believe about the various categories on the worksheet, one category per card (God, Jesus, Bible, Sin, Forgiveness, etc).  The participants could be broken into two groups.  Group A to work on half of the items on the list; Group B to work on the other items.  Participants can post their individual cards on the wall posters.  Back in a large group participants can discuss the posters. 

  • Is there a lot of agreement or are there various "theologies" present?

  • Highlight commonalities and differences.

  • How does the church actively include many theologies?

Closing:​  Group silence.  Prayer.

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