Who We Are



  • We are moving forward into the transformative, dynamic expression of Methodism proclaimed by “Our Movement Forward” in May, 2019.

  • “We yearn to be a grace-full church that embodies love and relentlessly and unapologetically pursues social justice and equity... a way of collective flourishing, intersectional justice, transformative healing, and liberating love.” Loved and Liberated: A Proclamation from Our Movement Forward Summit, https://um-forward.org.


  • We are a small and growing group of laity and clergy, mostly New Englanders, taking the beginning steps and joining others in making this new, vibrant Methodism a reality.


  • We are committed to working for justice for all, freedom for all, and inclusion for all, in our churches and in our society.


  • We believe this new expression of Christian community can only thrive outside of the structures of the fractured United Methodist Church and thus believe that we must leave the UMC, whether by negotiation or by disaffiliation.


  • We seek to connect with people of all races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, citizenship and socio-economic status to bring forth God’s kingdom on earth.


  • We seek to connect with others called in the same direction by the Holy Spirit to share and support development of this new movement.




  • Discerning together what nourishes this new movement and what stands in its way.


  • Involving our local churches in learning about what brought us to this moment of crisis and opportunity, and inviting them to join us on the journey of teaching one another and learning from one another.


  • Gathering momentum: Convocation, January 11, 2020 in Portland Maine to celebrate and inform.


  • Networking for communication and transparency.


To respond, please contact us at ne.discerners@gmail.com

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